This happened last weekend in West Flemish youth cycling

This happened last weekend in West Flemish youth cycling
This happened last weekend in West Flemish youth cycling

Last weekend a lot of West Flemish youth cyclists again took action. An overview of the most important achievements.

Alec Segaert won the Memorial Igor Decraene in Waregem two days before his trip to the World Cup in Australia. Victor Vercouillie surprised himself with third place. The day before, he was still working in the Flanders Tomorrow Tour.

Michiel Nuytten finished the Flanders Tomorrow Tour for promises in eighth place. In the final stage in Handzame he sprinted to ninth place. In the time trial he was the best mate with his 24th place. The day before, he was part of the decisive flight. Jelle Harteel was third in that second stage. Michiel Lambrecht, Jelle Vermoote, Kenneth Verstegen, Victor Vercouillie, Arne Santy, Warre Vangheluwe and Gust Lootens also colored this international three-day event.

Vermoote finished nineteenth in the round of the Dutch Top Competition in Valkenswaard.

Alex Vandenbulcke did it

Alex Vandenbulcke missed out on the red jersey of the intermediate sprints in the Giro della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, an Italian four-day second category, due to some strange decisions by the jury. He also fell in the final stage.

Jasper Dejaegher arranged the sprint for third place in the Memorial Danny Jonckheere in Oudenburg. Gerben Kuypers fell just short of the podium.

Provincial junior champion Thibo Germonprez won in Moen on Sunday. The day before, he was second in Kooigem. Jasper Dekien finished fifth in the interclub in Wuustwezel. He was able to sprint for third prize. Troy Timmermans finished tenth.

Second year newcomer Xander Scheldeman came third in the Memorial Igor Decraene.

Wittevrongel on the podium in France

Lani Wittevrongel was the third junior in an all-category competition in Bordeaux. She crossed the finish line in twelfth place.

Belgian time trial champion Luca Vierstraete was the fastest in the Memorial Igor Decraene. Belgian road champion Jilke Michielsen came in second in the competition for girls-novices in Hulste. (MFH)

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