Car sales up in Belgium for the first time in 15 months

Car sales up in Belgium for the first time in 15 months
Car sales up in Belgium for the first time in 15 months

After fourteen months of declining car sales, the number of newly registered passenger cars rose by 7 percent last month compared to August 2021 to 28,917 cars.

For the first eight months of the year, there is still a year-on-year decline: -12.7 percent to 250,465 passenger cars. “Even if the registrations from August have somewhat eased the decline of the first seven months, the passenger car market remains under pressure due to delayed deliveries,” the explanation reads.

Compared to the monthly figure for August 2019, before the outbreak of the corona saga, there were 19,019 fewer cars last month.

Volkswagen was the most popular brand last month, with 2,979 cars or just under 9 percent more than a year earlier. That gave the brand a 10.3 percent market share. BMW is number two with 2,922 cars, after a decrease of about 1.1 percent. Mercedes recorded more than 50 percent growth to 2,767 passenger cars.

The light commercial vehicle market continued to decline last month: -10.8 percent to 4,584. For the period January-August, there is even a 26.1 percent drop for vans on an annual basis. Truck sales (16 tons and over) rose 16.4 percent in August, up 6.2 percent for the first eight months.

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