Netflix subscription becomes more expensive in Belgium

Netflix subscription becomes more expensive in Belgium
Netflix subscription becomes more expensive in Belgium

There was confusion in the room about what exactly was going on. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is investigating the incident surrounding the Dutch entry, but the details are still unclear. It is speculated that Klein may An statement wanted to make it on stage, but this has not yet been confirmed. The AvroTros, which organizes the Dutch entry, has confirmed that an investigation is underway and is waiting for the outcome before providing further information.

It is remarkable that Klein has been there since Friday afternoon Eurovision will no longer follow on Instagram and has all his Eurovision-related stories from the semi-final last night deleted. A planned press conference on Friday evening was canceled without further explanation. It is not clear whether this is related to the ongoing investigation into the incident involving Joost Klein.

It is suggested that his absence may be related to a tense moment during a press conference yesterday after the semi-final, where an interviewer asked the Israeli contestant if her presence endangered the audience and other participants.

Although she was told she did not have to answer, Klein responded differently and asked why not. However, according to Aftonbladet, his absence has nothing to do with this press conference, but rather with another incident after the semi-final. If Klein still wants to participate in the final, he must at least participate in the jury show on Friday evening, where the points are awarded by the professional juries. Both the dress rehearsal and the jury show are not broadcast on television.

It is currently unclear whether Joost himself will leave Eurovision or whether he will be disqualified for reasons that are currently unknown.

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