Anderlecht now also sells OH Leuven the title thanks to golden substitutions and a goal in the 90th minute

Anderlecht now also sells OH Leuven the title thanks to golden substitutions and a goal in the 90th minute
Anderlecht now also sells OH Leuven the title thanks to golden substitutions and a goal in the 90th minute

In just a few days, OH Leuven seems to have handed over everything. On Wednesday it lost the cup final to Club Brugge, this afternoon co-leader Anderlecht won 0-1. Substitute Marie Minnaert decided the match in the absolute final. Anderlecht put OHL on 3 points 3 matchdays before the end and are now in control again.


  • 90′: Marie Minnaert (0-1)

After the cup, now the title is also gone for OHL? Or how one week can determine an entire season…

The cup hangover suffered on Wednesday against Club YLA lingered a bit at OH Leuven in the first half. But Anderlecht, which was back at full strength after last week’s many cases of illness, did not immediately show that it would play as the title favorite later in the match.

Anderlecht did have the upper hand, but Leuven collected the most (dangerless) shots at goal. The only major danger in the first half came from Anderlecht, from the foot of Lore Jacobs, although she lacked the time and strength to claim a goal in her attempt.

OHL was better, but golden substitutions Anderlecht turned it around

In the second half the OHL was recognizable from the regular competition. Full of self-confidence, applying high pressure and combining quickly, opportunities arose.But even for the best offense in the play-offs (19 goals), it is difficult to score against the best defense in the play-offs (2 goals conceded).

Target striker Van Dijk fulfilled every part of her role except the scoring. She arrived just too late on one cross, while on the other her attempt was successfully blocked.

And while Leuven also had luck on its side when the referee did not see Kuijpers’ penalty foul on Jacobs, no one seemed to doubt that the home team would not give up again.

Only efficiency was a problem. And also because Majasaari thought he was unbeatable. She made a crucial save on a well-placed long shot from Ampoorter ten minutes before the end.

And yet… When freshmen Ouzraoui and Minnaert entered the field, the entire match turned upside down. One attack played together was enough for them to turn the tables and put the unexpected lead on the scoreboard. Ouzraoui with the cross, Minnaert left all alone at the near post. 0-1.

Another bitter pill for the home team, which also lost the title against Anderlecht at home last year and the cup against Club YLA on Wednesday. And for Anderlecht it cost blood, sweat and tears, but it may well lay the definitive foundation for a new title after this extremely difficult match.

Sari Kees (OHL): “Anderlecht will no longer give away the title”

  • Sari Kees (OHL): “Tough blow, especially because it happened again in the last minutes. But given that we played 120 minutes earlier this week, lost against Club via penalties and are still the better team today, you can say that there was no performance pressure. and stress. We can be proud of that. The efficiency was not good enough, which was also the case in the cup final. They scored a ridiculous goal with the thigh, which is a pity Don’t give it away anymore.”
  • Marie Minnaert (Anderlecht): “It’s nice that we managed to get the victory over the line. It has already happened a few times that we score in the end. We fight to the end and the bank is doing its part. It has been a difficult year for me and it is nice to help the team. We are in a good position, but everything still has to be played. Although we have taken a nice step, yes.”
  • Dave Mattheus (coach Anderlecht): “It is extra gratifying, of course I would have preferred if we could decide it earlier in the match. I think it is the third time that we have just managed to beat Leuven and that is certainly very welcome in this situation. We are always in it keep believing. It was difficult, we have to be honest about that. The changes turned out well and I am happy that Marie, after the many misery she has already had, can make a difference.
  • Jimmy Coenraets (coach OHL): “It is not deserved, we are playing a very good match. Especially if you know the circumstances: all the ladies played 120 minutes on Wednesday and suffered a disappointment, but today they showed themselves. The ball has to fall well once and that was not the case. I can’t blame my team for anything. Today, Anderlecht is 3 points ahead, but we were able to recover in 2 days.”

Phase by phase

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