DeWaterbus has new operators (Kruibeke)

DeWaterbus has new operators (Kruibeke)
DeWaterbus has new operators (Kruibeke)

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From now on, DeWaterbus has new operators. Previously, this task was in the hands of the Dutch Aqualiner, but now the Rupelmond-based XO Boating is taking over together with Brabo.

Since 2017, Aqualiner has been allowed to take over the operation of DeWaterbus. The company started the now very popular means of transport across the Scheldt under the management of what is now Port of Antwerp-Bruges. DeWaterbus transported 751,351 people last year alone and is an important link between Hemiksem, Kruibeke, Antwerp and the Waaslandhaven.

From March 30, the operation will be in the hands of Braxo, a collaboration between Brabo and the Rupelmond company XO Boating. Brabo is a well-known player in the shipping industry and specializes in piloting and mooring and unmooring ships. XO Boating, on the other hand, sells and rents boats and recently launched Waterlimo, a service that provides pleasure boating. “Nothing will change in the services, the route, the staff and the ships deployed on the Scheldt,” says Flemish Minister of Mobility Lydia Peeters (Open Vld). “The many users of DeWaterbus will not notice any of the transition behind the scenes.”

Ten rides card

Although this does not apply to DeWaterbus subscribers. They have to make a small administrative adjustment. Holders of a ten-journey ticket must also exchange them in the following months. You can find more information about this at

The Waterbus remains a very fast and punctual way to get to and from the heart of Antwerp or the port. Not only tourists but also working people make extensive use of this to avoid traffic jams.” One in three passengers also took a bicycle on board last year,” says Minister Peeters. “Passenger transport by water is on the rise. DeWaterbus will also support the modal shift in the future and fits perfectly within the picture of the less nuisance measures.”

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