BMW remains the market leader in Belgium by a large margin


After three months, the number of registered passenger cars in Belgium already stands at 135,140 units, which is exactly 3,656 or 2.78 percent more cars than during the same period last year. As always, there are some losers as well as winners. BMW is still in the first camp, it even managed to register 8.22 percent more cars than in the first quarter of 2023.

For BMW this involved 14,243 cars, it must have been one of the best quarters ever for the Belgian importer. The German brand therefore remains the market leader in Belgium, which is quite unique and undoubtedly ensures very good points at the head office in Munich. Volkswagen remains number 2, albeit with only a very small lead over its much-increased sister brand Audi (plus 26.73 percent). This also leaves Mercedes ahead, which means there are three real premium brands in the top four. An exceptional situation that they really don’t understand in our neighboring countries, but which of course has almost everything to do with the large share of commercial vehicles in total Belgian car sales.

Volvo scores

That also explains Volvo’s great score. That brand rose to 5th place with an increase of 38.21 percent (always compared to 2023), making it slightly better than Toyota in 6th place. Equally surprising is the further decline of Renault, which has not been doing so for so long. recently competed for the podium. It now even has to give way to its own budget brand Dacia (plus 33.76 percent) and also Tesla (plus 61.64 percent!), so the hit parade of Belgian registrations continues to surprise us this year. BMW remains the market leader in Belgium by a large margin 03

Stellantis is having a hard time

Peugeot just makes it into the top 10, where we of course have to wait for the arrival of the new 3008 and 5008. The French brand is doing slightly better – or less bad – than the other players of the large Stellantis group, Citroën , Opel (minus 42.24 percent) and Fiat (minus 48.81 percent) have fallen to 15th, 17th and 25th place respectively. Please note that this always concerns registrations and not new order forms. With some brands deliveries happen a little faster than with others, so things will probably normalize somewhat in the coming months.2023 Honda CR-V

Good and bad points

What else stands out in the meantime? The good score of Kia (plus 22.34 percent), Suzuki (plus 52.92 percent) and finally Honda (plus 99.11 percent), the arrival of several new models in 2023 is clearly worthwhile for that brand. Mini (minus 42.63 percent) is taking a beating, but we have to wait for the first deliveries of the new Cooper and Countryman. The situation is undoubtedly worrying for DS (minus 46.64 percent), the rental brand Lynk & Co (minus 82.57 percent) and also Subaru (minus 50.34 percent), the latter brand knew between January 1 and March 31 Only 74 cars left to register.

China above?

In the meantime, what about the breakthrough of the Chinese brands, where we are not including Polestar (487 cars) “for convenience”? MG could look forward to 786 registrations (at least 17.78 percent) and BYD is also making good progress with 423 cars. We have already mentioned Lynk & Co, for the other Chinese players it concerns at most a few dozen copies. Also always nice to share are the figures of some sports and prestige brands. Lotus entered 73 cars, which will probably be one of the best Belgian results ever for the brand. Alpine was allowed to supply 55 cars, Ferrari 40, Bentley 30, Lamborghini 28, Maserati 26, Aston Martin 17 and McLaren only 5.

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