Ai, ai, Limburg: weakest quarter since the corona crisis

Ai, ai, Limburg: weakest quarter since the corona crisis
Ai, ai, Limburg: weakest quarter since the corona crisis

At the start of spring, the troubled business confidence in Limburg is also showing early signs of recovery. This is evident from the Entrepreneurial Limburg Survey (POL), the survey with which VKW Limburg and UNIZO Limburg survey the sentiment among Limburg entrepreneurs about the economic state of affairs every quarter. The recovery makes some sense, as the low point was apparently reached last quarter. The evaluation of the past few months has never been more negative since January 2021.

What are the most important conclusions from the survey of Limburg entrepreneurs?

* The quarter was even more difficult than expected for Limburg companies, the weakest since January 2021
* The negative evaluation extends across all indicators, sectors and size classes
* There is a slight improvement in employment at production companies and medium-sized SMEs
* It was a disastrous quarter for retail

And… what can we expect in the coming quarter?

* The positive outlook represents a clear step forward
* The faltering investment intentions are worrying
* Retail is resilient, wholesale is the most optimistic, and manufacturing is the least positive
* The smallest and large companies are united in gloom, everything in between is positive
* The large SMEs go from least to most optimistic in just one quarter…

Ruben Lemmens and Bart Lodewyckx, managing directors of VKW and UNIZO Limburg respectively, comment on the figures: “This POL indicates that, despite the enormous efforts of our entrepreneurs and their employees, our Limburg companies are often fighting a losing battle. stays. The fact that the past quarter was evaluated as the worst in three years confirms that – despite the bright spots and varying signs of recovery – we have been taking steps backwards rather than forwards in terms of the strength of our companies for some time now. It is therefore urgent time to tackle this decisively and to give space to the ambition of our companies through lower costs, stronger international competitiveness, a clear industrial policy, simpler rules, more legal certainty and less instead of more administration and reporting.”

Both Limburg employers’ organizations put forward one point of attention: “A strong policy starts with the financial fitness of the government,” according to Lemmens and Lodewyckx. “However, the alarms about the government budget are sounding increasingly louder. Urgent action is needed to get spending back under control, starting with rebalancing the derailing funding of social security.”

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