Wage costs are 14 percent higher than in Germany


by Emmanuel Vanbrussels
published on Tuesday April 2, 2024 to 08:45
2 min read

Belgian labor costs are rising faster than in neighboring countries. This is evident from figures from statistics agency Eurostat.

Why is this important?

With the unrest about the industrial future of companies such as Van Hool and Audi Brussels, the question arises again whether wage costs in Belgium are not too high.

In perspective: Within the EU, labor costs vary widely, from 9.3 euros per hour in Bulgaria to 53.9 euros in Luxembourg.

  • Belgium ranks third in the EU, after Luxembourg and Denmark. Wage costs are also high in the non-EU countries Iceland and Norway.
  • Just after Belgium according to our three most important trading partners, the Netherlands, France and Germany. These three countries are also the reference countries for wage cost development for the social partners and the government.
  • While i

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