Resident (69) died in a house fire, her husband was saved by heroic neighbor (Ronse)

Resident (69) died in a house fire, her husband was saved by heroic neighbor (Ronse)
Resident (69) died in a house fire, her husband was saved by heroic neighbor (Ronse)

About forty local residents were evacuated and sheltered in the nearby De Botaniek service center


On Easter Monday, a serious house fire raged in a terraced house in the Spinstersstraat in Ronse at around 3:15 p.m. A 69-year-old resident remained in the fire. Her husband André (65) was rescued from the sea of ​​flames by neighbor Yunes.

Fernand De Vos, Peter Malaise

Yesterday at 7:03 PM

Fire brigades from Ronse, Oudenaarde and Kluisbergen arrived very quickly on the scene. The fire was raging and the flames were reaching high through the roof. The adjacent houses also suffered fire and water damage. Two terraced houses were declared uninhabitable. A wide security perimeter established.

“As far as we know, there were two residents in the house,” says mayor Ignace Michaux (CD&V). “One person has died. The fire was quite intense and was accompanied by heavy smoke development and a pungent burning odor. The adjacent houses were threatened by the flames. The cause of the serious fire, which started in the kitchen, is still unknown and is being investigated.”

While all help came too late for resident Godelieve A., her husband André F. (65) was rescued from the sea of ​​flames just in time by alterte neighbor Yunes Errabous (30). “I was on my way to the mosque, about a hundred meters from here,” says Yunes. “I saw that the neighbor’s house was covered in smoke. I immediately kicked in the door, but I couldn’t get in because of the heavy smoke and the fierce heat. That’s why I sprinted through my garden to the back door of the burning house. After forcing that door, I was able to drag André out of the fire. There was nothing more I could do for his wife Godelieve. The flames swept through the kitchen. I had to leave her behind.”

Several people were taken to AZ Glorieux for a check-up due to complaints of intoxication due to the heavy smoke development. In total, about 70 people were evacuated as a precaution.

The public prosecutor’s office has appointed a fire expert to determine the cause of the fire. Malicious intent cannot be ruled out. A fire watch is on standby to deal with any resurgence. There is a danger of collapse for the badly damaged house.

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