“Why shouldn’t she answer?”: Joost Klein is moved during a tricky question to Israeli singer | Eurovision songfestival


A Polish journalist asked the question on many lips: whether Golan is aware of the safety that is jeopardized by her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Israeli participation in the Eurovision Song Contest remains particularly controversial due to the violent conflict between Israel and Palestine. Artists from all over the world have already called for a boycott and several pro-Palestinian protests have been held. Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets during the semi-final in which Eden Golan performed. Booing could also have been heard throughout the room, but this was covered up by the TV makers.

When the interview supervisor tries to wave the question away and Golan tells her not to answer, Dutchman Joost Klein intervenes. “Why not?” he wonders out loud. Golan then decides to take the microphone: “I think we are all here for one reason. The EBU (the organizing European Broadcasting Union, ed.) has taken their precautions to make it safe and make this a united place for everyone. I think it’s safe for everyone. We wouldn’t be here for any other reason.”

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