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CELEBRITIESKanye ‘Ye’ West’s Donda Academy has been sued again for discrimination, harassment and creating a hostile work environment. A former Yeezy employee, who also worked for the now closed private school, opens up about the disturbing situation. According to him, the rapper wanted to place a prison in the school and made repeated anti-Semitic statements in the presence of students.

The disturbing accusations against Kanye West are not minor. According to Trevor Phillips, the musician “proudly” shared his anti-Semitic statements in front of the students of the Donda Academy. “He even told two students that he wanted to shave their heads and threatened to lock them in cages,” said the former employee. According to him, Kanye also planned to place a prison in the school, according to the court documents, which ‘Page Six’ was able to view.

Philips also describes an incident during a dinner with West at Nobu Malibu. In December 2022, the two had dinner together to discuss plans about the private school’s curriculum. The rapper is said to have made anti-Semitic comments throughout the evening. “He described Jewish people as stingy, praised Adolf Hitler as an innovator and said the Holocaust was a fake.” The former Yeezy employee also claims that the ‘Flashing Lights’ artist exhibited “relentless inappropriate behavior.” “It was supposed to be a meeting with my boss, but it turned into an anti-Semitic and bigoted monologue laced with sexual harassment.”

In addition, Ye is also said to have threatened the LGBTQ community several times. “He said, ‘I’m going for the gays! First the Jews, then the gays!’” can be read in the court documents. Furthermore, the rapper is also said to have said that “Bill Gates ‘controls’ the LGBTQ community.”

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Philips also claims that he was clearly treated worse than white employees. “That was the case with me, but also with the school security,” he remembers. In court documents, he describes an incident in which West ordered a security guard to shave off his dreads and then threatened to fire the man.

The former Yeezy employee, who has now filed a lawsuit, was fired in May 2023. He is seeking damages of 32,500 euros, coverage of attorney’s fees and a ban on West opening a school for minors in California. “Mr. West’s messages – which we allege preach discrimination, anti-Semitism and a love for Hitler – have no place in this world,” concluded Carney R. Shegerian, Phillips’ attorney.

Two other lawsuits

The Donda Academy was founded in 2021 and had 82 students at the time. The students’ parents paid $15,000 annually in registration fees and had to sign a confidentiality agreement. West’s private school has been discredited several times in the past. Last year, Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers, two former teachers, filed a complaint for racism and unfair dismissal. They were often told stereotypes about African-American women, which they said was “very confronting.” Furthermore, their wages were also allegedly illegally withheld.

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Isaiah Meadows, a former physical education teacher, also filed a lawsuit. He expressed concern about the repeated health and safety violations. According to him, there were no windows, “because the rapper doesn’t like glass”. “As a result, it often rained inside and water seeped into the floor. As a result, there was a moldy smell in the room.” Meadows also stated in the documents that there was a problem with the electrical wiring at Donda Academy. “It’s just open and exposed. This caused a fire near the students’ dining area.”

Moreover, the curriculum would also not be legal. For example, books about black culture were completely banned. “Kanye wanted nothing to do with black culture and history,” the court documents read. The doors of the classrooms were also said to have been locked, the children were not allowed to go outside. All color and art were banned and students were not allowed to play with crossword puzzles or coloring pictures. In addition, classes on the second floor were also banned, “because West is afraid of stairs.” Chairs were also prohibited. The students sat on cushions on the floor or stood up for a whole day. Until recently, the Donda Academy students would have been starving every day. They only got one meal a day: sushi. They were not allowed to bring their own food or drinks.

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