Wijchen provides subsidies for a healthy and active life

Wijchen provides subsidies for a healthy and active life
Wijchen provides subsidies for a healthy and active life

Organizations in Wijchen can apply for a new subsidy from this week. This subsidy is for activities that contribute to a healthy municipality. Organizations can apply for the subsidy via the municipality’s website. These are assessed in order of entry.

The financial arrangement comes from the Healthy and Active Living Agreement (GALA). Wijchen is working towards a healthier municipality, together with various organizations and residents. The municipality wants to make a healthy and active life possible and accessible for everyone.

“That agreement was reached 2 years ago,” says councilor Bea Schouten. “We make subsidies available for initiatives by residents. Also in the field of mental health, so for people who are vulnerable.”

Healthy generation

The Healthy and Active Living Agreement (GALA) was drawn up between national governments, municipalities and health insurers. The goal is a healthy generation in 2040. This new subsidy scheme is for organizations whose activities contribute to combating loneliness, improving mental health, tackling overweight and obesity, fall prevention and vital aging, a healthy living environment and reducing health inequalities.

To request

This subsidy scheme only applies to 2024 and a subsidy can be applied for no later than November 1. Applications will be assessed in order of receipt and only if they are complete. The subsidy must be spent within 6 months.

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