8 tips for dealing with a depressed partner


If your partner has depression, this is also very traumatic for you. Because you want to be close and help, but your partner’s illness should not put your life on hold either. What to do? Here are 8 tips for dealing with a depressed partner:

  1. Work together as a team to tackle the depression, instead of blaming each other. The disease is the enemy, not your partner.
  2. Try not to get stuck in stigma or anger. Depression can trigger feelings of anger and frustration, but it’s important to show understanding.
  3. Help your partner get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Encourage them to seek help without judgement.
  4. Be receptive to your partner talking about their feelings without judgment. Wait until after a depressive episode to make important decisions about your relationship.
  5. Offer to accompany you to doctor visits, as your partner can often provide valuable insights.
  6. Give children and teens age-appropriate information about depression so they don’t feel scared or worried.
  7. Be patient with the treatment process as it may take some time before the right treatment is found.
  8. Understand that depression is often an episodic illness, with good and bad periods. Also seek emotional support yourself if you feel overwhelmed.

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