these foods can have a negative effect on your metabolism

these foods can have a negative effect on your metabolism
these foods can have a negative effect on your metabolism

In any case, we all have something called ‘cheat day‘ inserted. And that’s completely okay. An unhealthy snack is difficult to resist, and if you indulge in it every now and then it can hardly do any harm. However, there are a number of foods that can slow down your metabolism if you eat them too often.

Breakfast cereals with a lot of sugar

Crazy about cereal or other breakfast grains? For your metabolic health, it is better to avoid these if they contain a lot of sugar. “Sugar-rich breakfast cereals are one of the unhealthiest processed foods you can eat,” says nutritionist Jesse Feder in conversation with She Finds. “The highly processed and refined ingredients in this give you an energy boost, because your body digests it quickly. This then causes a crash in our blood sugar levels and can slow down your metabolism.”

Alternatives: oatmeal with fruit and nuts, Greek yogurt with berries and chia seeds, or high-fiber breakfast cereal with little added sugar.


It’s nice to eat a donut every now and then, but it’s better not to do it too often. Not only can the many sugars in them slow down your metabolism, but the many unhealthy fats in them unfortunately have the same effect. Registered dietitian Sarah Chatfield says that donuts are highly processed and can therefore lead to weight gain, especially in older people. “Our metabolism slows down as we age, so high-calorie foods can easily lead to weight gain.”

Alternatives: fresh fruit, yogurt parfaits or homemade energy bars to satisfy your sweet tooth.

White bread

We know that white bread is not the healthiest option, but sometimes it is the tastiest option. However, do you want to ensure that your metabolism continues to work optimally? Then you better not eat it. The refined flour from which bread is made does not contain fiber or other nutrients. This can cause your metabolism to slow down if you eat a lot of this.

Alternative: whole wheat bread.

Potato chips

Tastes may differ, but in general everyone likes a bowl of chips from time to time. However, the popular snack is also linked to a slower metabolism. This is because chips are rich in unhealthy fats, salt and have little nutritional value. Your body absorbs the unhealthy fats in chips very quickly and this can cause a blood sugar peak, which then drops sharply. Over time, this can have a negative effect on your metabolism.

Alternative: raw vegetable sticks with healthy tips such as hummus or salsa.

Source: Marie Claire, Shefinds, Tips and Facts | Image: Adobe Stock

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