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On Wednesday morning, April 10 (Abcoude) and Friday morning, April 12 (Mama Lokaal Mijdrecht), Ouders Lokaal organizes a fun nature experience for the little ones and their moms (and dads). The activity is provided by Emilie Zandvliet from “Toddlers in the Wild” and is possible thanks to a financial contribution from the provincial project ‘Green does good’. Emilie will focus on spring this morning with the children and mothers. When spring comes, nature wakes up. There are leaves on the trees again, there are flowers and the small animals are also becoming active again. Will you join us in the search?

Children (and adults!) need nature (a natural environment). Playing outside is good for the development of their motor skills and self-confidence, it helps against concentration problems and it promotes creativity. Sitting indoors all day with a tablet or game console also causes myopia and back problems at a young age. In a natural environment, children play in a much more varied way and there are fewer mutual problems. There are all kinds of challenges. No day is the same. So everyone go outside. Learn together with Emilie how to stimulate this in your child(ren) and enjoy the nature around you together.

In bad weather all activities are indoors. The activity starts at 10:30 am and lasts approximately 45 minutes. Coffee is ready at 10 am.

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