Brad Pitt launches skincare with a staggering price tag

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American actor Brad Pitt is the latest celebrity to launch his own skincare brand. Anyone can lubricate their creams, but the bullet trainstar does aim for fans with a well-filled wallet. For a jar with 50 ml of cream you pay no less than 275 euros.

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Brad Pitt is acting, currently exhibiting his sculptures for the first time in Finland and is leaving with Le Domaine a luxurious, gender-neutral line with four skin care products loose on the world. It is completely built around a type of grape full of antioxidants from the wine estate of the Perrin family, the famous French winegrowers of Château Beaucastel who previously partnered with the actor to make his Château Miraval rosé wine. “Le Domaine is not intended to be a celebrity brand,” Pitt said in a press release. “It’s just an anti-aging cosmetics line for everyone.”

What does he promise? A slower aging process thanks to two patented ingredients: GSM10, an active that fights oxidation and enzymes that break down collagen, and ProGR3, a combination of antioxidants. That combo should lead to firmer, more radiant, more elastic and smoother skin.

The actor attaches great importance to the genderless nature of his product line. “We kept the scent very neutral, fresh and subtle. I’m the kind of person who changes hotel rooms when I can smell the cologne from the last person who stayed there. It is too much! It’s too strong! Keep it subtle,” he said in vogue. He added that he doesn’t have a strict skincare routine himself and doesn’t like going to a beauty salon. “It makes me impatient.”

Anyone who the serum, the cream, the cleansing emulsion and the fluid cream van Le Domaine into your home, you have to dig deep for it. The cleansing lotion costs 70 euros and for the two creams you pay 265 and 275 euros. If you buy the serum, you are 350 euros poorer. Pitt isn’t the first man to hit the market with skin care products. Previously, football star David Beckham preceded him. Drummer Travis Barker, recently the other half of Kourtney Kardashian, also unveiled skincare this month. Both predecessors keep their prices a lot more democratic.

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