Showbiz expert Charlotte Wijnen: ‘Is Sylvie’s marriage so fake?’

Showbiz expert Charlotte Wijnen: ‘Is Sylvie’s marriage so fake?’
Showbiz expert Charlotte Wijnen: ‘Is Sylvie’s marriage so fake?’

After many breakups and a divorce, Sylvie seems a little too eager to make it clear that Niclas is her soul mate. Yet more and more questions are being raised about her marriage. Is Sylvie really that happy, or is it all staged?

A businessman, banker, club owner, singer and of course a professional football player: Sylvie can check all these men off her list. All those relationships eventually foundered, but with Niclas it’s different. At least that’s what Sylvie says.

If we are to believe the photos on her Instagram, she does indeed seem very happy with Niclas. A romantic trip, a family vacation and all kinds of dinners: Sylvie and Niclas seem to spend enough time together. But is that really the case, or does Sylvie only do that for the photos?

Dark clouds

Last year, when the couple had only been married for one year, there were already rumors that dark clouds were hanging over their marriage. According to German media, Niclas had cheated on him. The German magazine InTouch even had footage that Niclas had been spotted on a dating site for married people.

Is Sylvie HERE through the basket?

Sylvie always notices when paparazzi are around. Even when she takes a dip in the sea, she sees the paparazzi taking pictures from the beach with their cameras. And before the photo is shot, she is already hanging around Niclas’ neck.

But on holiday photos published this week in the Privé weekly, Sylvie seems to fall through the basket. No kiss, hug or loving look: in the photos you can feel the tension between the two!

Nicholas in the background

Niclas has previously indicated that he has difficulty with all the fuss around Sylvie. He finds it annoying that he is constantly in the picture. “I try to stay in the background as much as possible,” he said in Bild.

Yet Sylvie does everything she can to be in the picture with him, something he doesn’t feel comfortable with at all. Apparently Sylvie thinks the most important thing is that the rest of the world sees how happy they are. But haven’t we seen that before?

Silk thread

When the marriage to Rafael van der Vaart was hanging by a thread, Sylvie only shared photos where she and Rafael looked like a happily married couple. Not much later the bomb burst and the break turned out to be a fact. Hopefully for Sylvie, history doesn’t repeat itself…

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