No, Lizzo won’t stop (with music)

No, Lizzo won’t stop (with music)
No, Lizzo won’t stop (with music)

the Red carpet

Lizzo. — © afp

Anyone who spends time in BV-land or Hollywood, on the red carpet or in the corridors, will often visit this section.

Lizzo isn’t quitting music

It can be a huge relief: just shouting very loudly, “Well, if that’s the way it is, then I’ll quit!” Or posting it on Instagram. Lizzo thinks so too. Nice and cathartic! But for the benefit of the audience, it is useful to explain what exactly you are stopping at. Still, if you don’t want to cause panic among your millions of fans. Lizzo now specifies that she is not stopping her musical career, oh well, because that is “the joy of my life”. She does stop “paying attention to negative energy”. She is of course absolutely right about this: Paying attention to negative energy is something you should definitely not do. Her outburst came in response to accusations she receives from former dancers about a toxic work environment. She called those accusations “lies.”

Springsteen isn’t quitting music either

Bruce Springsteen concerts can sometimes run longer – three hours is not unusual for the already 74-year-old artist. An 11-year-old fan didn’t feel like getting up early the next morning, so she held up a sign during a concert Sunday in San Francisco asking, “I’m not going to school tomorrow, will you sign my note?” The Boss paused his performance for a moment and knelt down to do as the girl asked him. It is not known exactly what he wrote on that note. It is incidentatlly not the first time Springsteen has signed such notes.

Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce Springsteen. — © Reuters

Beyoncé can stop Jolene

On her country album, which is not a country album after all, Beyoncé performs the Dolly Parton classic ‘Jolene’. But the critics are divided. The original is about a woman who begs a prettier rival not to steal her man: “Please don’t take him just because you can”. But that vulnerable story does not fit Beyoncé’s image. In her version, a confident woman and wife warns Jolene not to try, “because you think you can”. Fans of the classic version are disappointed. Others grumble about yet another ‘Jolene’ cover (after, say, the crazy interpretation by The White Stripes) really didn’t have to. Dolly Parton is in favor. “Wow, I just heard ‘Jolene’. Beyoncé is beating that girl up and she deserves it!”, she posted on X.


Beyoncé. — © Reuters

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