Volvo XC90 successor EX90 becomes the safest Volvo ever

Volvo XC90 successor EX90 becomes the safest Volvo ever
Volvo XC90 successor EX90 becomes the safest Volvo ever

Volvo indicates that it will draw the curtain on the successor to the XC90 in November. That car will not be called XC90 or Embla, but EX90. The Volvo EX90 is set to be the safest car the brand has ever built.

The current generation Volvo XC90 is on its last legs. Volvo’s flagship, which is now about seven years old, is being followed by a fully electric SUV that will run off the production line in Charleston, America. People shouted in the corridors that the successor to the XC90 would be given a different name, possibly a real name: Embla. What seems? That is not the case. Volvo calls the successor to the XC90 EX90.

Volvo has done its best in recent decades to attach part of its identity to ‘safety’. Earlier, the brand said that from 2020 no one would be killed in a Volvo in a traffic accident, although the brand has not achieved that goal. Yet it is not surprising that Volvo gives extra attention to the heading ‘safety’ during the development of the XC90 successor EX90, after all, it will be the new top model of the brand.

Volvo says it will supply the EX90 with “[…] an invisible shield of safety made up of the latest sensor technology.” According to Volvo, no one is a perfect driver and a mistake due to emotions or fatigue, for example, lurks in a small corner. The EX90 is presented as a car that in these cases can be the saving grace. The Volvo EX90 is packed with sensors, cameras, radars and LiDAR systems that together form a picture of what is going on around the car.The EX90 can see small objects hundreds of meters away, with the result that the car can intervene in time should the driver miss something.The EX90 also keeps an eye on the inside. Volvo’s hardware and software are able to measure the concentration of the driver’s eyes. can expect a gentle push in the seat, if not responded, the EX90 moves to the side and can then call for help.

Research by the brand has shown that Volvo’s smart software and smart sensors could help reduce the number of accidents resulting in serious injury or even death by 20 percent. The number of collisions could be reduced by 9 percent.

Volvo EX90 on patent image.

Volvo EX90

Volvo does not yet release a clear picture of XC90 successor EX90, but AutoWeek could already show you the patent drawings of that new SUV not long ago. Although the basic shape of the XC90 does not appear to change much, the new EX90 is completely new down to the smallest nut. The car has new windows and a completely new front and rear, incorporating design influences from the Recharge Concept. Why do we insist so much on the fact that the car on the patent plates is really new? That has to do with the fact that Volvo is also giving the outgoing XC90 a facelift and continues to offer that car in a select number of markets. So without electric powertrains.

The electric powertrains that Volvo in the EX90 may partly match the electric motors that Polestar hangs in the Polestar 3, which is placed on the same platform. That Polestar 3 will get a 111 kWh battery and will get 489 hp and 519 hp powertrains. The range of the strongest variant is 560 kilometers, the 489 hp variant kicks it up to 610 kilometers.

The new Volvo EX90 will make its public debut on 9 November.

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