Dutch crypto project is about to launch, investors are massively interested


The Dutch crypto company DUCATA has been building a groundbreaking protocol for a new generation of stablecoin, called DUCA, for five years. DUCA offers a stable alternative to fiat currencies with a fully autonomous, on-chain and decentralized currency that retains purchasing power and provides returns to its holders. The protocol is in the final testing phase and is almost ready for launch. In preparation for this, the pre-sale has now started.

DUCA stablecoin

Five years ago, the ambitious DUCATA project came to life with a clear mission: making the distribution of wealth fairer and combating poverty. The premise was that the current financial system does not work for everyone, and that a new, fairer financial system is necessary, including a completely new, reliable currency: DUCA.

Through an algorithmic calculation, the value of DUCA is automatically adjusted monthly based on FOREX data of the strongest international currencies. Due to this innovative piece of algorithm, there is no direct link with the existing FIAT system. Because this algorithm automatically adjusts to currency averages and derives a growth percentage, it protects DUCA against, among other things, inflation. This makes DUCA a Stable Value Asset, an ‘asset’ that retains its value. DUCA even offers passive income on top of that, because it generates yield (interest) without having to lock or discontinue your funds.

With an algorithm and stabilization mechanisms, which have been designed, built and audited in recent years and are now in the final testing phase, a stable value of DUCA is guaranteed. DUCA uses a system of over-collateralization where more collateral is held than the issued value of the stablecoin. The so-called stability pool in combination with the incentive structure of the protocol ensures that the market value of DUCA will always be equal to the value from the protocol.

The protocol is a unique multi-tiered triple-token economy. In addition to DUCA, DUCATA works with DCM, a stability token that serves as collateral for DUCA, and LPD, tokens issued to users that provide liquidity in DCM.

Unlike many other stablecoins, such as the well-known giants USDT and USDC, DUCA is completely decentralized. It cannot be censored and you do not have to worry that a central party behind the scenes is helping the project into the abyss.

DUCA pre-sale has started

The launch of the Dutch project has been planned for the current quarter for some time now. The pre-sale has now started. This phase offers the opportunity to purchase the aforementioned DCM tokens at a ‘discount’ of 46 percent, with the discount decreasing with each phase. This discount will decrease as the launch approaches. The longer you wait, the more you will spend to participate in this impressive crypto project.

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