This is Porsche’s electric SUV above the Cayenne

This is Porsche’s electric SUV above the Cayenne
This is Porsche’s electric SUV above the Cayenne

The department responsible for the annual balance sheet at Porsche believes that the introduction of the Cayenne is undoubtedly the smartest move the brand has ever made. Although the first Cayenne, based on the Touareg, was not warmly received by everyone, it turned out to be a bull’s eye. The Cayenne was joined by the smaller but equally powerful Macan and since then Porsche SUVs have been the brand’s absolute sales hits. That requires expansion!

The Porsche ‘K1’ is quite a device.

We already know that Porsche will launch an electric Cayenne around 2025-2026, which will of course compete with the (future) electric alternatives of the current Cayenne competitors. There is still a lot of space above the Cayenne and the management in Stuttgart does not want to leave it unused. In about three years, Porsche will introduce a fully electric SUV that will be one size larger than the current Cayenne and its upcoming electric alternative. The largest electric Porsche must not only be extra luxurious, but also extra practical. It will probably also come as a seven-seater! Indeed: a Porsche with three rows of seats.

The Porsche that reportedly bears the project name ‘K1’ has now been released as a prototype for the first time. That seems very early, but don’t forget that the electric Macan also put on its camouflage suit three years before its market introduction. It is striking that the ‘K1’ in these photos appears to be roughly as high as a Cayenne, but does have a more sloping roofline. The car still hangs quite fanatically in the misleading stickers and attachments, although you can already see some details that you already know from the electric Macan. Just look at the headlights.

Once on the market, the ‘K1’ will soon have many electric brothers. After all, Porsche already has the electric Macan and Taycan, and this will include not only electric successors to the 718 series, but also the aforementioned electric Cayenne. The largest electric Porsche will be on the SSP Sport platform. That is a different basis than that of the Macan. After all, the electric Macan is enthroned on the PPE base developed together with Audi.

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