This is the new Actros L

This is the new Actros L
This is the new Actros L

02-04-2024 | By Maarten van der Westen

It was not a huge surprise that the Actros L gets the same cabin as the eActros 600. However, it does take some getting used to seeing the futuristic cabin without a real grille on the road. The new Actros L will certainly stand out among all other models. Fortunately, Mercedes-Benz did not choose the same white color for the introduction as the eActros. There was a lot of criticism about this: many compared the appearance of the eActros 600 to a washing machine. The mint green color of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros L makes the design look a lot better.

Longer cabin

With the new Actros L, Mercedes-Benz takes advantage of the new European rules, which allow longer cabs. The Actros L is 8 centimeters longer. Unfortunately, as a driver you hardly notice this. Just like with the Volvo FH Aero, the driver’s area remains virtually the same. The Actros L does have a more convex front, which is better for aerodynamics. This saves around 3% on fuel, according to Mercedes-Benz.

It is mainly the bumper that protrudes further forward. This contains the strikingly large headlights. A comparison with the Ford F-Max is therefore likely. You can optionally order modern matrix LED headlights, which provide a dynamic light image at night. The differences between the cabin of the Actros L and the eActros 600 are very small and mainly practical in nature. For example, the side fenders are different because the diesel version has an exhaust and the electric one has a charging port. The air intake is also different. Otherwise the cabin is the same.

Only top models

Under the skin, not much has changed in the Mercedes-Benz Actros L. The diesel engine has been further improved, saving another 4%. The safety systems have also improved. The distance radar looks even further ahead and the truck keeps a better eye on traffic in the other lanes. New software for the multimedia screen will not follow until next year. As we are used to, the Actros L comes in three cabin variants: Stream, Big or Giga Space. The Actros L is equipped with cameras instead of mirrors, but regular mirrors are still available.

The new cabin is only for the Mercedes-Benz Actros L and the eActros 600, the top models. Other versions of the Actros, such as the Actros F, will retain the cabin we know for the time being. Special versions of the Actros L, such as the Actros SLT for heavy transport, also retain the old cab. The new Actros L with its futuristic cabin can be ordered from April. Production will start in December. So next year we will see this special truck driving in large numbers – electric and diesel.

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