What will change for your money in April?

What will change for your money in April?
What will change for your money in April?

Just like in recent months, some things will change in April that could have an impact on your finances. As always, we’ll shed some light on the key changes.

Higher minimum wage

Minimum wages will increase by 35.7 euros to 2,029.88 euros on April 1. This increase was agreed during the interprofessional negotiations for the period 2021-2022.

  • According to the Christian trade union ACV, employees will even have a little more net left over, i.e. 50 euros. This is because the tax work bonus is also being increased.
  • On April 1, 2026, the minimum wage will increase by another 35.7 euros.
  • According to Pierre-Yves Dermagne (PS), Minister of Labor, the minimum wage has increased net by approximately 400 euros since October 2020, including automatic wage indexations.

Spindle index is probably exceeded

The inflation report from the Belgian statistics agency Statbel shows that consumer prices increased by 3.18 percent in March. Economists and the Federal Planning Bureau expect the central index to be exceeded in April. If that happens, unemployment benefits and government wages will increase in subsequent months.

  • Social benefits would then be adjusted to inflation by 2 percent in May 2024 and the wages of government employees in June 2024.
  • When wages are indexed in the private sector depends on the joint committee to which you belong.

More clarity about the cost of charging an electric car

The European regulation – Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation – will come into effect on April 13. This legislation ensures, among other things, that owners of an electric car have more clarity about the cost of charging at a public pole.

  • This way, they will be able to see how much it will cost before the start of a charge.
  • In addition, there will be more ad hoc payment options. For example, it will also be possible to pay with Bancontact.

Lower interest on CKV term accounts

The European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to cut interest rates later this year. Some banks are not waiting for that decision and are already lowering the interest on some savings products. For example, on April 8, CKV will cut the proceeds from some term deposit accounts.

  • The interest on the 3-year term account drops from 2.75 to 2.65 percent gross.
  • The interest rates on term accounts with 5, 7, 8 and 10 years will drop from 3.05 to 2.75 percent gross.

KBC Plus account becomes more expensive

The major bank KBC is raising the price tag of the so-called Plus Account from 3.25 to 3.75 euros per month.

  • Thanks to this current account package, you can withdraw unlimited money from any bank machine. With many other (free) formulas you have to pay for a cash withdrawal at the ATM of a competing bank.
  • It had been since 2021 that KBC had made the bill more expensive. It is free for young people up to 24 years old.
  • This too: On July 1, KBC’s Basic Account, which is still free today, will become chargeable. It will then cost 2 euros per month.

More flexi-jobs

In Flanders, flexi-jobs are becoming possible in some additional sectors. This includes the following sectors: childcare, education and the public sports and culture sector.

  • Other sectors, such as agriculture and horticulture, are excluded.

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