Bitcoin extremely bullish, but alarming message in Ripple lawsuit


Hello everyone, I have a new video for you in which we tour the crypto fields. I discuss a number of interesting developments, and also look ahead. With a market that is constantly changing, there is as always a lot to discuss. Below I’ll give you a preview of the topics covered in the video.

Crypto battle among memecoins: Supercomputer predicts BONK rise

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Bitcoin’s price still bullish, challenges for altcoins like XRP

Bitcoin (BTC) is showing signs of a strong bullish trend. The Fear and Greed index, an indicator that reflects the general sentiment in the market, is currently at 75, which indicates greed. This is a reflection of the positive movement in the market, with bitcoin consistently finding support above its price record, indicative of a strong bullish trend.

Not all crypto news is equally positive. Ripple’s XRP is in a precarious situation with a possible reversal of a favorable lawsuit, which could spell negative news for the coin.

Meanwhile, Cardano (ADA) continues to impress with high development activity, and there is talk of a new AI alliance that will compete with big tech.

Preview of the coming week for cypto

In my video I also take you through what we can expect in the crypto market in the coming week. With a look at the agendas of various cryptocurrencies and important economic announcements that could impact the market, I prepare you for what may happen next.

Enough to discuss! Watch my latest video above.

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