Pruning hydrangea: with these tips it will be a resounding success


April 1, 2024

Pruning hydrangeas may not seem like the most exciting job in the garden at first glance. But with these simple tips, your garden will become the eye-catcher of the neighborhood.

What month should you prune hydrangea?

Say goodbye to the cold, because March and April are your moments to shine as a gardener! It’s time for you hydrangea at pruning and get them ready for a lush growing and blooming season. Grab your pruning shears and let the magic begin.

What happens if you don’t prune a hydrangea?

Without pruning, your hydrangea will turn into a stubborn wilderness of old branches, which will not benefit flowering. Do you like a garden full of splendor? An annual haircut will keep your hydrangeas in top shape, full of blooms and charm.

How do I get more flowers in my hydrangea?

Do you dream of a hydrangea bursting with flowers? Give it a loving pruning just above the buds in early spring. This encourages it to grow beautifully with more side branches and therefore more flowers. Remember: pruning = blooming.

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How short should you prune hydrangea?

Do not prune your hydrangea too short. It is best to cut old flowers just above the new growth buds, so that your plant has enough energy for new flowering. A pruning wound just above those buds is perfect.

3 best pruning shears for hydrangeas

Choosing the right pruning shears is crucial for caring for your hydrangeas. Good pruning shears ensure clean cuts, prevent damage to the plant, and support healthy growth and flowering. Here are three top choices for pruning your hydrangeas:

Felco 2: Known for its durability and precision, the Felco 2 is the classic choice for gardeners worldwide. Perfect for pruning hydrangeas, with comfortable handles and easy to replace parts.

Felco 2

GARDENA Comfort: Lightweight and ergonomic, these pruning shears provide an unparalleled cutting experience. Its sharp blades glide effortlessly through branches, ideal for fine pruning of hydrangeas.


Bahco Ergo PX-M2: With its ergonomic design, these pruning shears from Bahco have been specially developed to reduce pressure on hands and wrists. Perfect for long-term pruning and extremely effective for cutting back hydrangeas.

Bahco Ergo PX-M2

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