Three NRC editors nominated for the Brusse Prize

Three NRC editors nominated for the Brusse Prize
Three NRC editors nominated for the Brusse Prize

Three NRCeditors have been nominated for the journalistic Brussels Prize with their book publication. Columnist Karin Amatmoekrim from this newspaper is also eligible, with her book What kind of country do I actually live in? Anil Ramdas, impossible cosmophile. The other NRC-contenders are economics editor Marc Hijink with his book about the power structures within chip manufacturer ASML and Koert Lindijer with a retrospective work on forty years of African correspondence.

The third party on behalf of NRC is Patricia Veldhuis, former education reporter and currently editor-in-chief, with her book about vulnerabilities in education. The jury has nominated a total of eighteen authors, including undercover journalist Jeroen van Bergeijk, crime reporter Yelle Tieleman and writer Niña Weijers. The list of eighteen contenders will be reduced to a shortlist on May 7, after which the award ceremony will take place on June 15 in the NOS radio program With an eye to tomorrow.

The Brussels Prize is named after former NRC-editor Marie Joseph Brusse (1873-1941), “an icon of Dutch journalistic history and a pioneer in the field of investigative journalism”. Last year Maurice Swirc won with the book The Indian Cover-up, Why Dutch war crimes in Indonesia were never prosecuted. The prize carries a sum of 10,000 euros.

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