First phone call between Biden and Xi in months amid global tensions

First phone call between Biden and Xi in months amid global tensions
First phone call between Biden and Xi in months amid global tensions

The two heads of state had “a frank and in-depth exchange of views on Sino-US relations and issues of common interest to both sides,” Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reported.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will visit China “in the coming days” and Secretary of State Antony Blinken will follow her “in the coming weeks” to continue dialogue, a senior White House official said.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous, indicated that the conversation between the two leaders was not intended to make announcements but to take stock after their meeting last November in California.

The summit allowed the dialogue to be resumed after a period of great tension in early 2023, after a Chinese balloon flew over US territory. Although dialogue has been restored, there is no shortage of reasons for friction between China and the United States.


The United States is “quite concerned” about Beijing’s economic and industrial support for Moscow, the source said.

For his part, Xi expressed concerns about the United States’ trade policy during the call. He called this “unfair,” according to a White House press release.

Biden responded that “the United States will continue to take the necessary steps to prevent advanced American technology from being used to undermine our national security, without unduly restricting trade and investment.”

Taiwan remains ‘red line’

Other difficult topics include Taiwan, territorial rivalry in the South China Sea and China’s ties with Iran, as well as the economy, trade and the high-tech sector.

Next month, Lai Ching-te will be sworn in as Taiwan’s new president. That island is de facto independent of China and Lai has already said he wants to protect that independence. Xi sees Taiwan as part of China and is strongly against US support for the island.

Xi reiterated to Biden that Taiwan is “the first red line that should not be crossed.” He also stressed that his government will not tolerate separatist activities on Taiwan, as well as “external coddling and support.” A not-so-subtle reference to American support.

In November, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping pledged to restore regular military communications between their countries and cooperate on the environment, the fight against drug trafficking and the development of AI.

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