‘Big Brother’: Resident voluntarily leaves the house with 15,000 euros from the group pot


by Florian Callens
published on Tuesday April 2, 2024 to 5:00 PM
2 min read

These are eventful times Big Brother as the end of this season draws closer. After Ashley took 20,000 euros from the group pool last week for a ticket for the semi-finals, this time 15,000 euros have disappeared. Tyron accepted a proposal to accept that money and immediately leave the house.

The final of Big Brother is getting closer and so the places have become very expensive. That also became apparent last week. Then Ashley decided to buy off her nomination for 20,000 euros from the group pot and thus ensure an extended stay in the house. As a result, Randy, Karen and Jimmy headed to the live show as nominees. For Karen, that immediately meant the end of her adventure.


Today, however, residents noticed that someone else had disappeared: Tyron. After waiting in anticipation, Big Brother called the group together in the living room to explain the sudden departure.

“My rules, but your game,” they said. “Tyron accepted my proposal. The proposal was: you get 15,000 euros from the group pot to take home, but then you have to leave the house immediately. And this without saying goodbye to the rest of the residents. Tyron finally left with a check for 15,000 euros.”

Watch the excerpt here Big Brother:

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