Kobe Simoens (Scheldewindeke) advances to the live shows of The Voice of Flanders

Kobe Simoens (Scheldewindeke) advances to the live shows of The Voice of Flanders
Kobe Simoens (Scheldewindeke) advances to the live shows of The Voice of Flanders

In the Cross Battle 2, Kobe Simoens competed with ‘Something To Remind You’ (Staind) against Reza from team Natalia. Reza sang ‘Dream A Little Dream of Me’ by Ella Fitzgerald with great courage and daring. It was an exciting and high-quality cross battle between Kobe and Reza. Tension is key. We were also on the edge of our seats. The jury rightly sent Kobe to the live shows. Another great performance. Full of self-confidence. He really got into his groove again. Sings with great ease. Kobe fulfilled his ambitions with ‘Something To Remind You’ and became ‘the winner’ of the cross battle against Reza. There were again many words of praise for Kobe Simoens. ‘A bell of a voice’, ‘You don’t sing too many notes and your voice is always recognisable, you can go very far in the music world’. Well done, Kobe.

All singers are now known – after the cross battles – who will perform in the live shows. Mathieu Terryn has five talents, Koen Wauters three, Natalia and Jan Paternoster two each. Kobe Simoens can now prepare for the live shows. The battle will last four weeks to determine who will be the Voice of Flanders 2024. Kobe has a chance to become The Voice. VTM continues to score high with ‘The Voice of Flanders’. Nice to see how the coaches continue to tease and challenge each other, at the cutting edge. The candidates were treated by the coaches to a quiz and a karaoke session as team building. Koen, Mathieu, Jan and Natalia went all out, just like the candidates. Koen Wauters and Jan Paternoster put Laurens and Kobe in the confessional to understand them. Jan Paternoster would have loved to have Kobe in his team, but Koen Wauters sabotaged Jan with the superblock, a new rule in the 2024 edition of The Voice. The candidates will remember the cross-battles weekend in Merksplas for a long time. Music connects.

The live shows with Marthe (18), Liene (19), Paak (22), Mette – Marie (18), Laurens (25) from team Mathieu, Peter (28), Wout (24) and Kobe (23) from team Koen , Sandy (18), Selina (22) from team Natalia, Xerxes (30) and Kevin (25) from team Jan will be very exciting. Coach Laura Tesoro makes her appearance during the live shows. She picked up numerous candidates who had dropped out. They got a new chance in The Voice Comeback Stage on VTM Go. Nicole (20) and Christophe (42) will certainly advance to the Live Shows. The third candidate will be Ward (20), Lucas (16) or Yasmine (23). Good luck in the Live Show, Kobe. (Marcel Van De Vijd, photos Danny De Lobelle).

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