Zhou still gropes in the dark F1 future

Guanyu Zhou is not yet concerned that he will be without a race seat in Formula 1 next year. The Chinese rookie says Alfa Romeo is very happy with him, but the Sauber-run team has yet to confirm that he can continue to drive alongside Valtteri Bottas next year.

The 23-year-old Chinese: “It’s my first year in F1 and that’s why the team is analyzing my performance. But the feedback is promising and the team is very happy with the work I’ve done. I’m happy to work with them.” work, I enjoy it.”

However, his one-year contract expires at the end of the season. Zhou responds to the question about his contract extension: “Nothing has been decided yet, but I hope for good news.”

Some experts had expected Alfa Romeo to seize the opportunity to confirm Zhou for 2023 at the Italian Grand Prix. When asked why that didn’t happen, he told El Mundo Deportivo newspaper: “Well, because it’s not decided yet. We have plans and have to decide on the contract based on the feedback. We are now talking about the future and everything looks promising, but we have to wait.”

Despite the uncertainty, however, Zhou insists that his ultimate goal – one day to fight for a world championship – is still his ultimate goal. “That’s the goal of this job. The first year the goal was to learn and improve my skills, but there comes a point where I definitely want to fight for podiums, or more than just score points. I hope one day in that position but right now I’m trying to get things right here for the first few years before taking that step,” he concluded.

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