ah! HNTM-Philip is compared to countless celebs

ah! HNTM-Philip is compared to countless celebs
ah! HNTM-Philip is compared to countless celebs

The new season of Holland’s Next Top Model has finally started and Videoland immediately surprised us with the first two episodes on Monday. We were immediately able to meet the models and had to say goodbye to a few. People cannot stop talking about one of the models on social media, because viewers find him very similar to a number of celebs.

High end look

Philip Cossee is one of the hottest models of this season. Already on his first shoot he managed to impress the jury and was praised by top model Jessica Gyasic compared to a real one Tommy Hilfiger-fashion model. “Philip really has a high end commercial look; tommy, Ralph Lauren. He doesn’t know how to use this very well and I don’t think he has realized this yet from himself,” says the top model. “If he learns to relax more and use his strength and presence learns to use his beauty, then he can do cool jobs bring in,” says Jessica.


And although Jessica gives him a high end commercial look think, viewers think differently. On TikTok, a viewer thinks that Philip looks a lot like Joe Goldberg from the Netflix series youor Penn Badgley. “I can’t be the only one who sees this,” writes TikTokker Linda Wijtsma at a video about Philip.

@lindawijtsma I can’t be the only one who sees this, can I? hntm you joegoldberg pennbadgley fyp lol @philipjasperrr ♬ original sound – LINDA

Formiliar face

But, not only do viewers think he looks like Joe, names like Fabian from The House of Anubis and Jasper Hale from Twilight past. And it doesn’t stop there, because some even think he looks a bit like our Dutch Manuel Broekmanor Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds.

Will Philip aka Joe Goldberg, aka Manuel Broekman kicking it to the final? You see it every Monday Holland’s Next Top Model on Videoland.

Image: TikTok, Brunopress

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