“I think Trauner is simply the best captain”

“I think Trauner is simply the best captain”
“I think Trauner is simply the best captain”

Orkun Kökcü is the new captain of Feyenoord. The midfielder wore the belt against Go Ahead Eagles. Analysts Hans Kraay Jr. and Marciano Vink do not agree with the decision of trainer Arne Slot. Former football player Kraay Jr. sees Gernot Trauner as the ultimate leader of Feyenoord.

”What I’m really surprised about is that Trauner still plays at Feyenoord”, Kraay Jr. begins in conversation with ESPN. “They gave up three on Saturday, but he was so unbelievably good: in the air, in the tackle, in the short sitting and when you give him a ball it is open and forward. I think Trauner is so unbelievably good.”

Kökcü is not the right man as captain, thinks Kraay Jr. ”Of course I am not talking about anything, but I do not think that Kökcü is the right captain for Feyenoord. As a captain you have to be the boss in the locker room. I think Trauner is simply the best captain. Kökcü has his hands full playing a 7.5 every week himself.”

“I understand what Hans is saying,” adds Vink. “On the field it is all about the natural calm. You really see that with Trauner and he really makes his mistakes. Now it appears that Slot has made Kökcü captain. I personally would have chosen Trauner. You always expect a seven from your captain and not a three and a nine. Then again three games a five. You want to have a stable person and I think Trauner is.”

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