Liz Truss named United Kingdom today

Liz Truss named United Kingdom today
Liz Truss named United Kingdom today

Liz Truss is expected to be named leader of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party today, and Britain’s next prime minister. She takes power at a time when the island nation faces a serious crisis related to the rising cost of living.

After a weeks-long political battle at the Tories, which pitted ex-Foreign Secretary Truss (47) against Rishi Sunak (42), the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, the new UK Prime Minister will be announced around noon today. According to sources including the news agency Reuters it will be Truss.

Economic crisis

The 47-year-old has been attributed the greatest chance of succeeding Boris Johnson for weeks. According to the latest poll by research firm YouGov, 66 percent of Conservative Party members support the politician, often compared to ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher.

The Oxford-based politician has pledged to act quickly to tackle Britain’s cost-of-living crisis. Truss said he would come up with a plan within a week to tackle rising energy bills and secure future fuel supplies.

The British are in an economic crisis. Already in recession, the island nation is heading for a period of continued low growth, high unemployment and galloping prices. Those are the sobering conclusions of a renowned British think tank.

Support for BoJo

Truss was the first female foreign minister for a conservative government, and her outspoken calls for sanctions against Russian oligarchs at the start of the war in Ukraine were welcomed by the public, we wrote here before. But she also long expressed her support for “BoJo,” which eventually fell into disgrace.

Johnson’s reign was marked by scandal; after more than 50 people within his party resigned, the eccentric leader was forced to announce his resignation in July. The last straw for many was that he refused to drop MP Chris Pincher, who was accused of inappropriately groping several men.

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