Horrific accident: ‘container sleeper’ dies after ending up in garbage truck | Domestic

Horrific accident: ‘container sleeper’ dies after ending up in garbage truck | Domestic
Horrific accident: ‘container sleeper’ dies after ending up in garbage truck | Domestic

with videoA man who was probably sleeping in a paper container in Arnhem died on Tuesday morning after the garbage truck emptied the container in question. The victim ended up in the car.

The victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries on Tuesday morning, but did not survive the fatal accident in the Klingelbeek district of Arnhem. The police say they do not suspect foul play.

In addition to the police and fire brigade, an air ambulance was also called after the accident. The Corn Field is a dead end street and completely closed. There are several trucks waiting in front of the barrier tape, including Coolblue delivery personnel.

The police detective is investigating. Discussions are taking place with the staff of garbage company PreZero, who came to empty the container. A PreZero employee is present to assist investigators with the investigation by operating the garbage truck. Detectives continue to take photos and examine the part of the car where the paper is emptied. The trace investigation on location was completed just before 11.30 am.

A spokesperson for the waste company could not share much about the accident on Tuesday morning. “Fortunately, we rarely experience these types of accidents.”

An awful foreboding

Tonnie van den Herik, who as ‘mother of the homeless’ shelters people on Sunday afternoons in ‘De Banaan’, reacts in dismay and upset. She has a bad feeling about one of her visitors, she hopes she is completely wrong. It’s about a confused man who talks to himself. “He was there again on Sunday, I just let him sit there quietly.”

When sleeping in a container, Tonnie thinks more about ‘a confused person’ than about the many other homeless people she knows. “Nobody normally sleeps in a container, they look for other places.” The only example she knows from the past is the confused wanderer Putman, a well-known figure in the city center of Arnhem, a few decades ago. “He lay in a container and lit a fire because he was cold.” With fatal consequences.

Van den Herik bursts into tears during the conversation: “It shouldn’t be possible for confused people to walk out like that, right? You have to include them to protect them, right?”

A person was seriously injured in Arnhem while emptying a waste container. © Heitink Press Agency

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