Benjamin Werndl’s Famoso passed away after accident in the paddock

Benjamin Werndl’s Famoso passed away after accident in the paddock
Benjamin Werndl’s Famoso passed away after accident in the paddock

Benjamin Werndl mourns the loss of a beloved companion and extraordinary athlete, Famoso OLD. In a heartfelt post on social media, Werndl shared the devastating news of Famoso’s passing. “I don’t want to write this, I don’t want to believe this. And yet it is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you: Famoso is no longer with us,” he begins.

“We don’t know exactly what happened. Suddenly he was standing on three legs in the paddock. A complicated fracture. No chance of recovery. We had to let him go,” the poignant message reads.

For Werndl, the loss of Famoso means more than just the end of a partnership – it is the shattering of a world. Famoso had a special place in Werndl’s heart, not only because of his exceptional talent, but also because of his intelligence, playfulness and mischievous spirit.

“Famoso came to us in Aubenhausen at the age of seven. Flora Keller, his owner, entrusted him to me, and it soon became clear that he was something truly special. Especially the movements at the highest level came effortlessly for him, and all Piaffe and passage quickly became our favorite exercises.”

Werndl and Famoso achieved remarkable success together, making their mark in the dressage world. Their journey included victories in the Louisdor Tour and the prestigious Otto Lörke Prize, which resulted in their inclusion in the German Olympic team.

“2022 was our year. Team bronze and a 4th place in the individual rankings at the World Championships in Herning, Denmark. A dream come true for me. I felt like he not only gave everything for me, but even more. He exceeded himself, and together we grew.”

“Famoso always loved to be in the spotlight. Aniko, his caretaker, attended to his every need. He was the undisputed king of my stable and made sure all the horses and people around him felt it too. He thoroughly enjoyed full of his life in Aubenhausen, and I would have liked to have him with us for many more years.”

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