‘He actually always scores above a million, that’s very good’

‘He actually always scores above a million, that’s very good’
‘He actually always scores above a million, that’s very good’

Valentijn Driessen is the most popular guest in the program Today Inside. Tina Nijkamp says this in her podcast Tina’s TV Update, in which she discusses the most important developments on national television. According to Nijkamp, ​​Driessen has never scored below a million viewing figures when he sat at the table with Wilfred Genee, Johan Derksen and René van der Gijp.

Driessen is best known for his position at The Telegraph and regularly raises eyebrows with his hard-hitting columns and statements in the podcast Kickoff. The reporter regularly appears in Today Inside and does not mince his words in that program either. For example, he made it clear on Tuesday what he thinks of Alex Kroes and he also made no secret of the fact that he has no confidence in Marijn Beuker and Kelvin de Lang.

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Driessen is certainly not popular with everyone, but Today Inside does score good viewing figures when he is present. Then we quickly move on to the viewer questions. Who is the most popular VI table guest? Well, I just checked that outsays Nijkamp. For example, yesterday (Tuesday, ed.) Valentijn Driessen was at the table and the day before yesterday (Monday, ed.) Eus (Özcan Akyol, ed.). And of all the guests, they are very popular guests. I think the most popular one is Valentijn Driessen. To my knowledge, he has never scored under a million viewers on VI and that is very special.

Nijkamp thinks that Driessen has a clear advantage over, for example, Akyol. Eus sometimes (scored among the million viewers, ed.), because he is sitting opposite an important football match, for example. Not Valentine, who actually never sits there as a guest at an important football match because of his background. Of course he is there on days when people talk about it. He actually always scores above a million, so that’s very good, Nijkamp is full of praise for Driessen. According to the media personality, the top three is completed by Job Knoester. The lawyer would normally have made his appearance on Tuesday evening Today Insidebut due to the situation at Ajax with Kroes, the editors decided to invite Driessen.

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