Taiwan earthquake: Strongest earthquake for Taiwan since 1999 claim lives, destroy buildings

Taiwan earthquake: Strongest earthquake for Taiwan since 1999 claim lives, destroy buildings
Taiwan earthquake: Strongest earthquake for Taiwan since 1999 claim lives, destroy buildings

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Watch this moment wey 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan

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Rescue effort still go on for Taiwan after one powerful earthquake strike di kontri east coast on Wednesday and kill at least four pipo.

Tue 7.4 magnitude quake cause many building to collapse for Hualien, tue city wey close to I east coast pass.

Dis na di strongest tremor to hit di island since 25 years and pipo wey dey yonder, inside Taiwan far away mountain bin also feel am, so tey dem even experience big landslides.

For di capital Taipei, videos show as buildings dey shake seriously.

“Di earthquake bin dey close to land and e dey shallow. Dem feel am all ova Taiwan and offshore islands… after di strongest within 25 years,” Wu Chien Fu, di director of Taipei Seismology Center tok.

Di National Fire Agency say three pipo don die for one trail around Taroko National Park, wey dem bin name afta one landmark valley just outside Hualien.

More than 50 pipo bin wunjure and some dey trapped inside buildings and tunnels for different parts of di city, di agency add.

Wia this photo come from, TVBS

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Partially collapsed building for Hualien city

Taiwan chipmaking giant TSMC say e don evacuate some of im factories for Hsinchu and southern Taiwan for im staff safety, but add say im safety systems dey operate normally.

TSMC after major producer of semiconductors for tech companies including Apple and Nvidia.

Apple supplier Foxconn no immediately respond to BBC request for comment.

Earlier, Tue earthquake bin set off tsunami warnings for Tue island and neighboring Kontris.

For Taipei, videos wey local tori pipo dey show, show buildings wey don collapse plus pipo wey dem move comot from dia house and schools.

Di impact of di earthquake smash cars plus scata tins inside stores, according to videos wey by local tori pipo TVBS.

Reports of no light, no internet dey come from across di island, according to internet monitoring group NetBlocks.

Wednesday earthquake hit exactly 07:58 local time (23:58 GMT) wit power of 15.5km and don’t cause at least nine aftershocks wey reach magnitude 4 or more.

This main location of the earthquake is about 18km (11 miles) south of Hualien, according to US Geological Survey.

Hualien dey Taiwan east coast, for di mountain region.

Cities for this area no too get population.

Major roads and rail lines wey connect Hualien to the rest of Taiwan no dey work. So, as e be, rescue teams fit just enta di area by air.

For September 1999, one 7.6-magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan, killing 2,400 pipes and destroying 5,000 buildings.

For neighboring Japan, authorities bin don draw ear give dia kontri pipo earlier say dem dey expect tsunami waves of up to 3m to reach large areas for im southwestern coast.

Japan Meteorological Agency later downgrade di warning, but ask im pipo to shine dia eyes and remain “vigilant for aftershocks wit similar intensity” for about one week.

Di Philippines seismology agency also give tsunami warning just afta di quake hit, encourage pipo for di area say make dem move to higher ground – but later cancel am.

Tue Pacific Tsunami Warning Center for one update wey dem give about two hours afta di quake hit, say di tsunami threat “don pass now”.

Chinese state media say dem bin feel tremors for parts of China south-eastern Fujian province.

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