Today Inside again about behavioral course: ‘Insane’

Today Inside again about behavioral course: ‘Insane’
Today Inside again about behavioral course: ‘Insane’

The men of Today Inside They can’t seem to stop talking about the mandatory behavioral course regarding inappropriate behavior. It was René van der Gijp’s turn this time, because he saw the e-learning yesterday morning. But he thinks it’s all “crazy.”

Usually it is Johan Derksen who expresses his reluctance, “I’m not going to do this kind of nonsense anymore at the age of 75”, and ‘Gijp’ agrees with him. Presenter Wilfred Genee has already taken the course, and regular table guest Özcan Akyol, as it turned out this week, has already done it four times. He showed all his certificates during the broadcast.

Van der Gijp in Today Inside: ‘Behavioral course too insane’

Yesterday morning, Van der Gijp watched the e-learning for no less than ten minutes. This is mandatory for employees of Talpa, RTL and NPO, among others. “It is really too insane, it is not about anything at all,” Van der Gijp noted. “You shouldn’t let a 4-year-old child watch those videos. I let my son do them. I’m not going to sit and watch that nonsense for half an hour.” But he did not tell you exactly what it said and what you should do.

Talpa, like RTL and the NPO, has informed all employees that they must take the online course. Talpa boss John de Mol has now completed the e-learning. Talpa employees have been given until April 12. In VI it was said that employees who do not do the e-learning could be suspended. “Then I will soon be on my own,” joked presenter Wilfred Genee last night.

The Media Pact was set up after the abuses behind the scenes The Voice of Holland had come to light. RTL, Talpa Network and the NPO, among others, are members of the partnership. All companies that have joined the platform have promised that all their employees will complete the e-learning, in the hope that (sexual) misconduct will decrease in Hilversum. Martin van Rijn’s committee noted in a comprehensive report that the majority of employees in the media sector experience misconduct.

You can watch Today Inside via KIJK.

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