Tsunami alerts issued after Taiwan earthquake

Tsunami alerts issued after Taiwan earthquake
Tsunami alerts issued after Taiwan earthquake

Why earthquakes are felt differently in the US

While you may think quakes are a western US problem, some of the largest temblors in US history have happened in the East.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – An earthquake struck Wednesday on the eastern coast of Taiwan, prompting officials in regions around the island to warn of a potential tsunami.

According to the US Geological Survey, the magnitude 7.4 quake hit just before 8 am (just before 8 pm Eastern Tuesday) about 11 miles to the south-southwest of Hualien City. It was followed about 15 minutes later by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake about 7 miles northeast of Hualien City.


NOAA’s Tsunami Warning System said there does not appear to be a threat to Hawaii, any US territories in the Pacific Ocean or the West Coast.

According to the agency, tsunami waves could be as high as 9 feet above tide level along the coasts of China and Taiwan, while waves as high as 3 feet above tide level in Japan. Smaller waves are expected in places such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Korea and Vietnam.

Tsunami alerts were issued in Japan for the Okinawa prefecture.

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