Cyclist dies in accident on railway crossing in Wezemaal (Rotselaar)

Cyclist dies in accident on railway crossing in Wezemaal (Rotselaar)
Cyclist dies in accident on railway crossing in Wezemaal (Rotselaar)

An underage cyclist died in a collision on a railway crossing in the Langestraat in Wezemaal, near Rotselaar, on Tuesday evening. The boy ignored the red light and closed barriers, with tragic consequences.

Railway manager Infrabel received a report at 8:30 PM of a fatal collision with a cyclist. “According to a witness statement, the barriers went down,” says spokesman Thomas Baeken. “The witness heard a heavy crash, which may have been the person’s collision. According to the initial findings, the barriers functioned well.”

The Leuven public prosecutor’s office is investigating the case and states that it was an accident and not an act of desperation. An underage boy ignored the closed level crossing and was subsequently hit by the train. A medical examiner arrived on the scene.

Train traffic between Leuven and Aarschot has been at a standstill since the accident. Traffic is being diverted and NMBS has deployed replacement buses. Police from the BRT zone, the fire brigade, an ambulance and a MUG also arrived on the scene.

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In mid-March, Infrabel sounded the alarm after images showed a woman with a pram and a motorcyclist crossing a closed railway crossing in Wetteren. A day later, a motorcyclist was seriously injured in Zulte after he ignored the closed barriers and red lights. In February, the railway manager launched a campaign against railway running.

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