‘He is conscious, many people think he is in a coma’


NOS Footballtoday, 1:42 PM

Abdelhak Nouri turned 27 today. His life and that of his family changed forever when he suffered serious brain damage in cardiac arrest in 2017.

Nouri’s brother Abderrahim was present at the KNVB Futsal Cup yesterday and gave the NOS a short update on Adelhak’s situation. “Many people still think he is in a coma, but that is not the case: he is conscious. He is not his old self, but we are very happy that he is among us.”

During an Ajax practice match at a training camp in Austria, the young Nouri collapsed. It later turned out that mistakes had been made in the medical field. The Nouri family and their Nouri Foundation are now making efforts to prevent this from happening in similar cases in the future.

Today Ajax posted a message on social media with the text “Dear Abdelhak, 27 years old. Today we are making a heart for you”.

The KNVB, in collaboration with the Nouri Foundation, had various sporting and social activities surrounding the Futsal Cup. For example, the program was opened by Abderrahim Nouri and resuscitation courses were held in collaboration with the Heart Foundation.

In addition, a demonstration match was played, attended by Feyenoord player Ramiz Zerrouki, among others. The proceeds from the match went to the Nouri Foundation.

Tricks, actions and pannas: Zerrouki and brother Nouri at Futsal Cup

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