No criminal charges for fatal train accident in Voorschoten


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The Public Prosecution Service will not prosecute anyone criminally for the fatal train accident near Voorschoten last year. A crane operator was killed in that accident. Justice concludes that there was an accident.

Almost a year ago, on the night of April 3 to 4, both a passenger train and a freight train collided with a construction crane. Construction company BAM was hired for nighttime work on the track. Two of the four tracks at Voorschoten were kept free for this purpose.

Crossed over

The other two tracks would also be taken out of action so that the team could arrive at the agreed location. Before this happened, the driver crossed the road for some unexplained reason. After the collision, the passenger train rode on the remains of the mobile crane. There were fifty people on that train, nineteen of whom were taken to hospital.

Train traffic between Leiden and The Hague was then stopped for days. The Dutch Safety Board (OVV) is investigating what exactly happened in that train accident. According to the OVV, the investigation is in the final phase and the final report is expected in mid-May.

The front part of the intercity became completely disconnected from the other wagons and ended up in a meadow perpendicular to the direction of travel:

Drone images show enormous devastation in a train accident near Voorschoten

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