Trump posts $175 million bail in New York fraud case

Trump posts $175 million bail in New York fraud case
Trump posts $175 million bail in New York fraud case


Donald Trump paid a bail of 175 million dollars (163 million euros) on Monday to prevent New York state authorities from seizing his assets. Various American media report this.

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The former American president is accompanied by his adult sons Eric and Don Jr. sentenced to a fine of 454 million dollars (423 million euros) for financial fraud within their Trump Organization empire. He is suspected of having presented the value of his real estate much higher to lenders in order to obtain better loan and insurance conditions. Trump has appealed against this.

Trump, who has run for president again on behalf of the Republicans, had complained that he would have to sell properties to pay the initial deposit. A week ago, a court in New York therefore reduced the bail that Trump had to post in order to appeal in that case from $ 454 million to $ 175 million. He had until Thursday to transfer the money.

By paying the bail, New York State cannot seize his assets until the appeal is heard.

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