Live Gaza | Israel bans Al Jazeera

Live Gaza | Israel bans Al Jazeera
Live Gaza | Israel bans Al Jazeera

Israeli army withdraws from Al-Shifa hospital (but fires grenades during withdrawal)

The Israeli army withdrew from Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip this morning. A journalist has that AFP and other witnesses reported. According to Hamas, there are dozens of bodies in the hospital.

Israeli army tanks and military vehicles have left the hospital grounds where they arrived two weeks ago. According to the AFPjournalist who was near the hospital, the army fired grenades during the withdrawal.

The soldiers then left the Al-Rimal neighborhood, after which they moved towards the southwest of Gaza City, to the Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood. Also Al Jazeera reports that the soldiers have withdrawn from the hospital. The Israeli military has not yet confirmed the news.

Hamas reports that there are dozens of bodies in the hospital after the military withdrawal. “Dozens of bodies of martyrs, some in a state of decomposition, were found in and around the hospital,” Hamas’ health ministry said in a statement. It also mentions “very extensive” material damage to the building complex.

“The troops have completed operational activities in the Al-Shifa Hospital area and have left the hospital area,” the Israeli army confirmed. It also says it has “killed terrorists in fighting”.

A doctor reported AFP that 20 bodies were found. Some bodies were run over by the departing military vehicles, the doctor said.

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