Life and Death of Quidam Quidam (2001)

Life and Death of Quidam Quidam (2001)
Life and Death of Quidam Quidam (2001)


The story takes place in the year 2020. The Netherlands is a fully privatized, regulated and controlled welfare state. A large part of the population is impoverished. There are security cameras everywhere and the death penalty has recently been reintroduced.

The story is about a 15-year-old hacker named Quidam. He is the first to be sentenced to death under the new system. While preparations for his execution take place, Quidam looks back on his short life. He has the wrong genes and really shouldn’t have been born. It gradually becomes clear how his death sentence was arrived at.

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Life and death of Quidam Quidam is a Dutch miniseries in which an extremely pessimistic picture of the future is sketched. This concerns a total of eight episodes, which premiered on VPRO in January 2001. A striking element is the special language use with all kinds of ‘modern’ words.

Nowadays some episodes can be found on YouTube.

Fragments from the series


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