As of today, parking ban for cars with more than one exhaust in Antwerp


After the decree was approved on February 31 last year, the law comes into effect from today. Yes, from today you are no longer allowed to park on public roads within Antwerp’s Singel if your car has more than one exhaust.

Clear signal

According to the city council, Antwerp is sending a clear signal to drivers who are lax with the environment. “Exhaust fumes are the main source of air pollution,” said Koen Meeuws, Antwerp’s councilor for ecology and cruise holidays. “Every exhaust that we can eliminate from the street scene is a step in the right direction for the environment.”

The City of Antwerp has conducted an intensive campaign in recent months to inform residents of the city. This also applies to Schildenaar Axel Maes, who runs a boutique in Antwerp and has used the Antwerp subsidy to have 1 exhaust removed from his Range Rover Sport (photo above). “If I can contribute to the environment in this way, I will do it with pleasure!” said Axel. “And honestly, it makes my Range sound even better!”

Do the exhaust check!

So are you planning to go to the city of Antwerp? Then be sure to check how many exhausts there are under your car. The Antwerp Association for Better Cars (ABBA) indicates that with modern cars you should certainly literally look under the car. Because new cars often have multiple fake exhausts or design details. For example, chairman Marc Koek fell off his chair when he discovered that his Audi S7 diesel actually had 4 false rear silencers. So a warned driver is worth two.

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