Dutch intendant must solve impasse around Isvag waste incinerator (Antwerp)

Dutch intendant must solve impasse around Isvag waste incinerator (Antwerp)
Dutch intendant must solve impasse around Isvag waste incinerator (Antwerp)

Will the Isvag incinerator remain in Aartselaar? An answer to that question will partly depend on intendant Jan Storm. — © Jan Van der Perre

An intendant has been appointed who must find a solution to the disagreement about the planned new incinerator in Wilrijk. The Dutchman Jan Storm has to find a solution to the impasse surrounding the processing of the household waste of more than 1 million inhabitants of the Isvag processing area.

The search for an intendant was announced a few months ago, but the bullet is now through the church. A few years ago, a modern design was proposed for the new Isvag incinerator in Wilrijk. But opponents believe that such an oven is no longer appropriate in residential areas, despite promises about cleaner processing. After a series of legal battles, Isvag van Vlaanderen was given two years to demonstrate that the waste incinerator belongs on Boomsesteenweg.

Consultation between the stakeholders, including Isvag, but also the municipal authorities of Aartselaar and Antwerp, the Bond Beter Leefmilieu and intermunicipal Igean, should lead to a settlement. But an intendant is therefore necessary to find a final solution that can reconcile all parties. The Dutchman Jan Storm has to fulfill that task.

Storm was director of various regional, national and international boards and companies, especially in the areas of waste, environment and circular economy, Isvag reports in a press release. Storm was unanimously chosen by the group after a selection procedure, for which three candidates had submitted a proposal.

“For me there is no predetermined outcome,” Storm responds to his appointment. “I look forward to getting started as soon as possible and, above all, to talking to all parties involved, so that we really come to a solution together, for Isvag and all residents of the region.”

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