Europe wants to mandate smartphone updates and repairs for 5 years

Europe has made a proposal that smartphone manufacturers must support customers with repairs and updates for at least 5 years.

The new proposal from the European Commission is striking, because it puts pressure on smartphone manufacturers who want to bring phones on the market in Europe. Under the new proposal, manufacturers should provide their smartphones with software updates for at least three years after they hit the market. That should keep them up-to-date with the capabilities of newer devices. When it comes to security, Europe asks that manufacturers must guarantee it for no less than 5 years via updates.

Fewer smartphones in waste mountain

The European Commission goes one step further. After all, the goal is to limit the mountain of electronic waste and to extend the life of smartphones. This also includes stricter requirements when it comes to the battery. It must not wear out too quickly and must be able to deliver 83 percent of the original capacity after 500 charging times.

In addition, Europe is also considering a new energy label, as it already exists for household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and TVs. It should better inform potential buyers about the estimated life of the device they want to buy. That label could contain even more information, such as, for example, the water or shock resistance of the smartphone in question.

Finally, a final important factor is the repair options. He also wants to expand Europe. The Commission has drawn up a list of 15 core components that manufacturers must be able to supply for up to 5 years after the release of a device. It should allow repair centers to extend the life of older smartphones.

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