Natuurhus provides lectures and excursions

Natuurhus provides lectures and excursions
Natuurhus provides lectures and excursions

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The Nature Hus offers a number of lectures and excursions.

Almelo – In the lecture ‘The Discovery of the Solar System’, Ed Heijstek provides answers to questions such as ‘What does this mean for our solar system?’, How did you come up with the idea that we live on a sphere? What’s going on around what? What role did Copernicus play in this matter?’. The lecture will be held on Thursday, May 16, at 7:30 PM. Entrance is free, voluntary contributions are welcome. Register via [email protected].

On Wednesday, May 8, there will be a lecture in the Natuurhus about biodiversity: ‘Biodiversity is for all of us!’ “The biodiversity ambassador, Harry Schrotenboer (beekeeper and teacher) talks about what biodiversity is and how people can contribute to it. A challenge to not only know what native plants are, but also to pay attention to what is happening in your immediate environment in terms of garden maintenance and the use of pesticides. Among other things, cleaning up everything and spraying it away in a garden means no place for insects and birds,” says the Natuurhus. Starts at 7:30 PM, register via [email protected].

There are also excursions at the Natuurhus. “During the dark season, Ron Poot has been busy with mosses and lichens, but in the summer it is a nice time for the higher plants. In May and June he has planned four evening excursions to look at the flora in and around Almelo. The aim is to get to know the flora of different biotopes. The emphasis is on recognizing species based on field characteristics. The participants look at all the plants they encounter, even ‘difficult’ groups such as grasses.”

The excursions are on four Tuesday evenings, at 7:30 PM, on May 14 and 28, June 18 and July 2. The locations are: Kanaal Almelo Nordhorn-De Pook, Beeklustpark and Weezebeek, De Doorbraak Ypelo and De Kleine Doorbraak, Tusveld. “On July 7, Sunday morning, a cycling excursion will take place in which we will visit some roadsides and determine the nectar index.”

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