Fortissimo Venlo is looking for a percussion instructor – Vacancies

Fortissimo Venlo is looking for a percussion instructor – Vacancies
Fortissimo Venlo is looking for a percussion instructor – Vacancies

Show orchestra harmony Fortissimo is looking for percussion group instructor as of August 16

Show orchestra Fortissimo from Venlo was founded in 1955 and is a lively association. The association has 160 members. Enjoying music in particular is of paramount importance to our association. The association consists of a concert orchestra, a training orchestra, a training ensemble, an AMV group, two percussion training groups and a percussion group.

For our percussion groups we are looking for:
Enthusiastic percussion instructor (m/f)

Fortissimo’s percussion department consists of the percussion group and the youth percussion group Hit-It. The percussion group consists of 9 enthusiastic percussionists who want to go for it. Hit-It currently has 7 students. The percussion group is increasingly gaining its own identity within Fortissimo and, in addition to percussion, also uses melodic percussion. In addition to the performances that the percussion group provides together with the concert band, Fortissimo has the ambition to present its own program for the percussion group. We expect involvement in the association from the new instructor. He/she is also closely involved in thinking about recruiting new percussion members to expand the group. Rehearsals take place weekly on Friday evenings from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM in the community center “D’n Dörpel”, Gulikstraat 202 in Venlo.

Job profile
The percussion group is looking for an enthusiastic and driven (possibly certified) percussion instructor, who is able to guide, instruct and motivate a group. The instructor is also expected to propose a repertoire with a good balance between musical level and attractive value for both performances and rehearsals. The instructor works well with the other parts, board and committees within the association. A flexible setup is desirable for this.

Job requirements
You can easily deal with both young people and older people and know how to find a good balance between performance and fun. You know how to bridge differences in musical skills. Appropriate training and experience are of course desirable. But most importantly, you know how to use your own passion and enthusiasm for percussion to take the group to a higher level and to inspire it, including the inclusion of youth.

Would you like to work with our percussion group?
Send us a letter with your motivation and CV as soon as possible, but no later than May 30, 2024. You can send your response to the Fortissimo board, [email protected]. A trial rehearsal and a personal interview will be part of the application procedure. Do you want more information? Please feel free to contact Stan Fila, board member, 06-52378390.

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